How DiMeo Blueberry Farms Makes Blueberry Plants

We propagate (make) our PREMIUM blueberry plants the old fashioned way, from only the very best hardwood cuttings taken by hand from our very best family production blueberry bushes. This is one of the many reasons why our DiMeo Farms blueberry plants are SUPER-HARDY and an overall stronger blueberry plant than any others! Very few people still make blueberry plants this old fashioned way anymore. Did you know that almost 95% of our competitors propagate (make) their blueberry plants in a lab?

Yes, they make blueberry plants in a lab with a chemist by splitting cells and the ones that don’t make them in a lab, buy them from big companies who mass produce blueberry plants in a lab. Would your grandfather buy blueberry plants made in a lab? We don’t think so. Keep it natural with DiMeo Blueberry Farms – the way your grandfather would have.

DiMeo Blueberry Farms can help you START YOUR OWN BLUEBERRY FARM or START A PICK-YOUR-OWN BLUEBERRY FARM STAND in your community. Pick-your-own blueberry farms are often very profitable. We have blueberry plant customers from all over the country that get anywhere from $2.50 to even up to $3.00 per lb at their own little pick-your-own blueberry farms. We even coach them on how to make their own little roadside blueberry fruit stand, like this one at our retail center:

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History of Farmer Anthony DiMeo Sr. of DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Garden Center

Anthony “Tony” DiMeo, Sr. began planting hundreds of acres of premium blueberry plants back in the early 1940s. He started out with only about 500 blueberry plants. Over the many decades, Anthony DiMeo, Sr. and his hard working brothers, including Frank DiMeo and Michael DiMeo, Jr. built a strong network of successful blueberry farms that today farms millions of hardy premium blueberry plants and encompasses over 1000 acres of blueberries in the Southern New Jersey Pinelands Region.

Anthony DiMeo, Sr. retired when he was 86 years-old but worked hard on the family farm until almost 90 years-old. He dedicated his entire life to passionately working the family fruit farm as a proud American farmer. His entire life was the farm. He traveled very little but accomplished so much as he grew the family farm with every day of hard work and daily sacrifice. He depended on the farm to provide for the entire family, and it always did, and still does. His idea of farming was quite simple: grow only the finest blueberries and premium blueberry plants and sell at a fair price. Here is a photo of old fashioned blueberry packing line with the antique wooden crates shown and high school girls packing blueberries in the summer:

Mr. DiMeo was active in local charity auctions, and he gave to the less fortunate. Back in the 60s, when the DiMeo’s grew a couple fields of “pick your own” strawberries, Mr. DiMeo (second from left), along with another farmer auctioned off his strawberry production for charity:

Mr. DiMeo, Sr. ran one of the DiMeo family farms for over 60 years. He is also past president of the Cooperative Fruit Auction Association.

He and his wife of 62 years, Mildred Monzo DiMeo, have three children and many grandchildren. The DiMeo farming family has quite an impressive longevity, as DiMeo Sr’s mother Nancy DiMeo lived until she was 98 years old. His great-aunt Concetta lived until she was 101 years old. His older brother Joseph DiMeo lived until he was 100 years old. The DiMeo’s trust their longevity to healthy living on the family farm to eating only fresh self-grown fruits & vegetables that are safe and pesticide free.

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