Blueberry Plants Nursery at DiMeo Farms

Lowest Prices for Blueberry Plants for Sale farmer-direct from DiMeo’s Blueberry Plants Nursery that specializes in growing the the best blueberry bushes. We are known as America’s #1 Source for Blueberry Bushes shipped direct to your door for less money. Not to mention, DiMeo Blueberries are so tasty. We appreciate your berry plants business and will do our best to answer all of your blueberry planting questions. More information on our main website:

Best Blueberry Varieties

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DiMeo Farms is America’s #1 Source for Blueberry Plants on Sale Now

The perfect retirement income idea
This happy couple drove hours just to buy blueberry plants from one of our blueberry garden centers in New Jersey. They want to start growing blueberries as a second income for retirement years. What a great retirement income idea - grow blueberries and sell them at your own little roadside farm market stand. Let DiMeo Farms teach you how to get started. Call now: (609) 561-5905
Best blueberry varieties to choose from
How about this grandfather who drove hours just to bring his granddaughters to pick out their own blueberry bushes at our family blueberry farm. He heard about DiMeo Farms from a friend. We get many referrals. Once people drive out here and see our gorgeous blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes and thornless blackberry bushes they know they are at the right place. They had a great time and become another great DiMeo Farms success story. Call (609) 561-5905 to get your berry bushes ordered now.

The word is out all across the country. If you want to buy gorgeous blueberry bushes, then take a ride out to DiMeo’s Blueberry Farm and Blueberry Bushes Garden Center in New Jersey. Just like this grandfather (above) who drove hours just to show his three granddaughters our blueberry bushes. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a mail order blueberry plants quote. WE SHIP OUR BERRY PLANTS ALL ACROSS AMERICA. You can also go to our official website:

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Kids Fight Cancer with Eating Blueberries

Many of us love blueberries but let’s remember the powerful antioxidant, anti-aging and cancer fighting properties that blueberries have. We can learn from 6 year-old Lola who just finished six months of cancer treatments, both of her parents took an early retirement to spend time with her, she wanted to pick blueberries and get her own blueberry plant, she insisted on paying for it with her own allowance money, sometimes it’s the little moments that matter most, it was a pleasure to spend time with her, we won’t forget you Lola, all our love from the DiMeo family at: or call us now: (609) 561-5905 to buy the best blueberry bushes from DiMeo’s blueberry farms in New Jersey

Eat Blueberries Every Day
Remember the Health Benefits of Blueberries

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Growing Blueberries – How to Plant Blueberry Bushes for Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm

Grow Giant Blueberries now, just go to: to buy large blueberry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Farms retail and wholesale blueberry plant Garden Center in “the blueberry capital of the world” Hammonton, New Jersey. Large blueberries with super hardy blueberry plants from real blueberry farmers. If you are across the country, we invite you to fly in to visit our farm and see our higher quality blueberry plants. DiMeo Blueberry Farms can help you start you own blueberry farm and pick your own blueberry business with a beautiful blueberry field like this one:

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Large Mature Blueberry Bushes for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms Wholesale Blueberry Plants Garden Center

We sell direct to private home gardeners and also to commerical blueberry growers for wholesale blueberry plants from our blueberry plant garden center on the farm.

CALL DiMeo Blueberry Farms NOW: (609) 561-5905 to ASK QUESTIONS and place your direct MAIL ORDER or pick-up at the farm order. Here is a wholesale blueberry plant order example shown on one of our DiMeo YouTube videos of FULLY MATURE LARGE 4-6′ BLUEBERRY BUSHES ordered from one of our commerical blueberry growers who has a winery in upstate New York. He is going to make blueberry wine! We made him a great wholesale blueberry plants deal, and we can do the same for you. Watch our YouTube video and look at beautiful large wholesale blueberry plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms:


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DiMeo Blueberry Farms on NBC News for Blueberry Production

Watch DiMeo Blueberry Farms on NBC News TV clip on the status of the weather affecting the 2010 blueberry crop. DiMeo’s SUPER-HARDY premium blueberry plants always weather tough times:

“Everything looks healthy…plants look healthy, berries look healthy.” It’s exactly what they want to see at DiMeo Blueberry Farms in Hammonton. “It’s gonna be a very great season for blueberries this year in New Jersey,” said Anthony DiMeo III, “a lot of farmers have a much better crop than they’ve had in years past.”

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Super-Size Large Mature Blueberry Bushes for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Garden Center

Winter photo – thus no leaves on blueberry plants.

This photo shows some of our SUPER-SIZE LARGE MATURE BLUEBERRY BUSHES that we hand-dug in the winter and currently have ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $30 each. These gorgeous blueberry bushes will be HAND-DUG and as shown above when you pick-up at DiMeo Blueberry Farms. CALL NOW FOR QUOTE: (609) 561-5905. Many of our customers love to landscape with these EXTRA LARGE BLUEBERRY BUSHES for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Did you know that top landscapers from across the country buy premium blueberry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Buy direct from us and save! These are gorgeous blueberry bushes for your property!

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3 Year-Old Ultra-Premium Blueberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Garden Center

Our NATURALLY RAISED 3 YEAR-OLD PREMIUM SUPER-HARDY blueberry plants are very easy to grow. We will provide detailed planting instructions when you purchase our beautiful highest quality blueberry plants! When you order blueberry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Farms, we HAND-DIG each and every SUPER-HARDY blueberry plant from our NATURAL blueberry plant nursery. Below is Michael DiMeo (now 80 years-old) digging a premium blueberry plant for one of our customers in late-November. Notice blueberry plants turn vibrant red color in the fall.

We currently have 3 YEAR-OLD PREMIUM BLUEBERRY PLANTS NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $10. Our super-hardy blueberry plants will be fruit bearing this summer if you plant now. Our beautiful healthy blueberry plants will also make a wonderful EDIBLE BLUEBERRY HEDGE ROW on your property. Our blueberry bushes turn a vibrant red wine color in the fall season. Top landscapers call DiMeo Blueberry Farms at: (609) 561-5905 to buy large blueberry bushes for their customers. You can pick-up your blueberry plants directly at our family blueberry farm, or we will hand-dig and SHIP OUR PREMIUM BLUEBERRY PLANTS DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR. FAST SHIPPING & DELIVERY!

Buy Better Blueberry Plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms: or call (609) 561-5905 for details.

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Why you should choose DiMeo Blueberry Farms

Since around the year 1895 the DiMeo family established a countless number of very successful blueberry farms that today (with the entire DiMeo family all combined) total over 1,000 acres of blueberries currently in production with a total estimated number of over 1,256,000 blueberry plants owned by the DiMeo family.

We are REAL OLD-FASHIONED BLUEBERRY FARMERS that will sell you the highest-quality blueberry plants and give you the best blueberry advice from years of experience as leaders in the blueberry industry. A real global perspective and over 100 years of blueberry farming experience makes the DiMeo’s uniquely qualified to help optimize your success as a blueberry grower. Here is Michael DiMeo, Jr. on the tractor digging DiMeo Blueberry Farms premium blueberry plants for one of our wholesale commerical grower orders in November. We hand-dig our small home grower orders and machine dig our larger wholesale blueberry plant orders.

Keep in mind this video was taken in the early winter season:

Buy HIGHER QUALITY blueberry plants from the OLDEST, most qualified and experienced family of blueberry farmers in America!

DiMeo Blueberry Farms SUPER-HARDY blueberry bushes will bear LARGER, SWEETER BLUEBERRIES, are higher quality blueberry plants and will grow faster than others. Our featured blueberry plants are Heirloom varieties (non GMO). NO PESTICIDES are thankfully needed to grow nickel sized blueberries by DiMeo Blueberry Farms.

Call DiMeo Blueberry Farms now: (609) 561-5905 for more details and to place your blueberry plant order.

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DiMeo Blueberry Farms – Who We Are Today (New Generation of Farmers with Old Generation Values)

The grandchildren of farmer Anthony DiMeo, Sr., including Anthony DiMeo III make up the fourth-generation of the DiMeo blueberry farming family in “the blueberry capital of the world” Hammonton, New Jersey. Many intend to continue their grandfathers, and great-grandfathers passion for farming and production of high-quality fresh blueberries, premium blueberry plants, large hardy blueberry bushes and blueberry Garden Center. The blueberry farming legacy in the DiMeo family has passed down from generation to generation. The fourth-generation patriarchs of the DiMeo family, “America’s first family of blueberries”, the continue both the family farming tradition and legacy. Look at the quality and size of DiMeo (IBF) blueberries in these blue BerryMate field crates:

Sometimes when customers come to pick-up blueberry plants at DiMeo Blueberry Farms, they bring their children who enjoy taking a tour of the DiMeo family blueberry packing houses. Here are two of our customers (mother & daugher) that drove down to buy over 50 blueberry plants for their own blueberry patch in upstate New York. They took a quick tour of one of the DiMeo blueberry packing houses:

“We hope to help you discover sustainable blueberry farming and blueberry growing tips, nostalgic farm antique crafts, safe home-grown farming techniques and other inspiring ways to celebrate the farm spirit.” – Anthony DiMeo, Sr.

“Farming blueberries and growing premium blueberry plants with my grandfather is something that I grew up with and I always loved doing the work.” – Anthony DiMeo III

Lessons from the Farm Article by 4th Generation Blueberry Farmer Anthony DiMeo III:

“We will always cultivate exceptional blueberry plants, long-term relationships and innovative solutions to optimize customer success in the field, home, or garden.” -DiMeo Blueberry Farms

“What’s old is new again.” – Anthony DiMeo III

Anthony DiMeo III and Helene of DiMeo Blueberry Farms proudly sponsored The Annual Red, White & Blueberry Festival in Hammonton, New Jersey. Blueberry plant customers came from all over the country to buy premium blueberry plants for sale at Only $10 each by DiMeo Blueberry Farms:

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