Beach Plum Trees for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Tree Farms & Fruit Tree Garden Center

Order our beach plum trees for sale by DiMeo Fruit Tree Nursery for only $10 each. We HAND-DIG all beach plum trees per order from our fruit tree garden center on the farm. Beach plums will be one of the next great “super fruits” that everyone is talking about. They are found along Martha’s Vineyard beaches and across many areas of the country. Once mature, you will enjoy picking them to eat, for jellies, jams, and even wine making. Buy beach plums and other fruit trees direct from DiMeo Fruit TreeĀ Garden Center in Hammonton, New Jersey.

View beach plum fruit tree photos and learn more about amazing health benefits of Beach PlumsĀ here:

DiMeo Blueberry Plants Nursery

DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Organic Blueberry Plants Nursery in New Jersey is a grower of blueberries, big bearing-size blueberry plants for sale, large mature blueberry bushes and other Non-GMO organic berry plants for sale direct to home berry gardeners, commerical blueberry growers, edible landscapers, fruit wineries and even those who wish to start their own pick your own blueberry farms. Contact DiMeo Farms & Organic Berry Plant Nurseries on our official website: or CALL US NOW: (609) 561-5905 and we will be happy to answer your questions and teach you how to grow blueberries or how to start your own pick your own blueberry farm in your community. Thank you for your berry plants business. We greatly appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “Beach Plum Trees for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Tree Farms & Fruit Tree Garden Center

  1. Greetings! We have been looking for a delicious Plum Wine for about a year now, which we enjoyed at a friend’s home—-and it was organic, which is the only wine I can drink whenever I have wine. I am allergic to sulfites and my friend’s daughter picked up an organic Plum wine while on the East Coast, at a wine-tasting event. I believe the bottle might have said something like….”Blueberry Farm” organic. Not sure.

    Thanks for your help in our search. Linda and Michael

  2. I am looking for beach plum to plant in an area 15 x 9 where salt might hit the roots once a year. How many plants would I need and do you have them? On the other side of the house two goldmop cypress were destroyed by salt spray from Long Island Sound. Would larger beach plum work there?

  3. Yes, we currently have Beach Plum Trees for sale as well as other Non-GMO organic berry plants at our DiMeo family blueberry farm and blueberry plant nursery. Just give us a call at: (609) 561-5905 for a quick quote or to ask questions on how to plant blueberries or other berry plants. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. I’d like a quote on Beach Plums (Prunus maritima). The number will depend on the mature size of the cultival you have available.

    I had number in my yard in past years until a borer infestation took them out. I’ve been looking for a source for replacements.


  5. Need screening on ocean front property. Are beach plums good for this application? How large do you have
    Regards tony

  6. I need 2 beach plum trees for my seaside garden, are they available, approx. size and price. Thank you

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