Old Wooden Farm Crates for Sale to Make Crate Shelf Design

At DiMeo Blueberry Farms we love to RECYCLE THE PAST. We have old antique wooden farm boxes and old vintage farm crates for sale. Most of these will need to be picked up at the farm, unless you want to have them direct shipped to your door. Make one of these ultra-cool shelves for your home:

Cool Design Ideas

As a matter of fact, we have lots of antique farm tools for sale and other great rare old farm items in our inventory. E-mail us now at: dimeofarms@gmail.com or CALL US NOW TO ORDER: (609) 561-5905 or just ask questions, or ask for photos of what we have currently in our inventory.

Check-out these cool photos of ANTIQUE BLUEBERRY CRATE SHELF DESIGNS below this video of antique wooden farm crates used as shelves:

As seen in COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE look at this very cool and original ANTIQUE WOODEN BLUEBERRY CRATE SHELF DESIGN made using our DiMeo Blueberry Farms antique wooden blueberry crates. One of our customers in Vermont used just six (6) of our antique wooden blueberry crates to make this beautiful shelf for her home. CALL US: (609) 561-5905 TO ORDER NOW and you can do the same.

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DiMeo Blueberry Farms on NBC News for Blueberry Production

Watch DiMeo Blueberry Farms on NBC News TV clip on the status of the weather affecting the 2010 blueberry crop. DiMeo’s SUPER-HARDY premium blueberry plants always weather tough times:

“Everything looks healthy…plants look healthy, berries look healthy.” It’s exactly what they want to see at DiMeo Blueberry Farms in Hammonton. “It’s gonna be a very great season for blueberries this year in New Jersey,” said Anthony DiMeo III, “a lot of farmers have a much better crop than they’ve had in years past.”

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Cranberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Cranberry Plant Garden Center

You don’t need a bog to grow American cranberries! No matter if you are looking for wholesale cranberry plants, or just want a few to landscape your yard with cranberries – DiMeo Farms has got you covered.

Cranberries just need an acid soil and need to be well watered like their relatives, the blueberries! Plant one foot apart in rows two feet apart. These varieties are heavy producers of 1/2 inch red cranberries. The small profuse flowers are reddish pink, displayed against the reddish evergreen foliage. A beautiful, self-fertile ground cover to landscape your yard! Only $10. Our cranberry plants are for pick-up only at the farm. We do not ship cranberry plants. Buy cranberry plants from DiMeo Farms, as we offer beautiful hanging cranberry baskets for direct purchase at our farm:

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Beach Plum Trees for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Tree Farms & Fruit Tree Garden Center

Order our beach plum trees for sale by DiMeo Fruit Tree Nursery for only $10 each. We HAND-DIG all beach plum trees per order from our fruit tree garden center on the farm. Beach plums will be one of the next great “super fruits” that everyone is talking about. They are found along Martha’s Vineyard beaches and across many areas of the country. Once mature, you will enjoy picking them to eat, for jellies, jams, and even wine making. Buy beach plums and other fruit trees direct from DiMeo Fruit Tree Garden Center in Hammonton, New Jersey.

View beach plum fruit tree photos and learn more about amazing health benefits of Beach Plums here: http://www.beachplum.cornell.edu

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Aronia Black Chokeberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Aronia Plants Garden Center

Nice berry with rich flavor, perfect for juicing. The aronia berry (also known as the Black Chokeberry) is a very close cousin of the blueberry. Black Chokeberries are now known for their powerful antioxidant properties and benefits. Aronia Black Chokeberries are dark pigmented berries that are extremely high in antioxidants. Even higher than blueberries, higher than cranberries, higher, even, than pomegranates! Its juice has been known to help people with heart conditions. It has high levels of proanthocyanins and quinic acid (ten times more than cranberries). Quinic acid prevents urinary infections! Buy Chokeberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms at only $10 each.

Our farm will ship premium Aronia Black Chokeberry Plants to your door, or you can come to pick-up directly at the farm.

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Raspberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Raspberry Garden Center

Produces deliciously plump and juicy red raspberries. High-quality raspberry plants ON SALE NOW for only $10. Our super-hardy raspberry plants will fruit two (2) times per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. We currently have a very limited supply of raspberry plants.

E-mail us or call us now to get a quote and to arrange pick-up at our farm: (609) 561-5905 or we WILL SHIP our PREMIUM RASPBERRY PLANTS DIRECT to YOUR FRONT DOOR. All raspberry plants are freshly dug for your mail order or pick-up at DiMeo Fruit Farms.

We even have Black Raspberry Plants for Sale now for only $10 each by DiMeo Fruit Farms. Black Raspberries protect against cancer and many people don’t yet know about the great healing powers of the black raspberry super fruit. Watch this YouTube video on Black Raspberry Plants and learn more before you buy from DiMeo Fruit Farms:

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How DiMeo Blueberry Farms Makes Blueberry Plants

We propagate (make) our PREMIUM blueberry plants the old fashioned way, from only the very best hardwood cuttings taken by hand from our very best family production blueberry bushes. This is one of the many reasons why our DiMeo Farms blueberry plants are SUPER-HARDY and an overall stronger blueberry plant than any others! Very few people still make blueberry plants this old fashioned way anymore. Did you know that almost 95% of our competitors propagate (make) their blueberry plants in a lab?

Yes, they make blueberry plants in a lab with a chemist by splitting cells and the ones that don’t make them in a lab, buy them from big companies who mass produce blueberry plants in a lab. Would your grandfather buy blueberry plants made in a lab? We don’t think so. Keep it natural with DiMeo Blueberry Farms – the way your grandfather would have.

DiMeo Blueberry Farms can help you START YOUR OWN BLUEBERRY FARM or START A PICK-YOUR-OWN BLUEBERRY FARM STAND in your community. Pick-your-own blueberry farms are often very profitable. We have blueberry plant customers from all over the country that get anywhere from $2.50 to even up to $3.00 per lb at their own little pick-your-own blueberry farms. We even coach them on how to make their own little roadside blueberry fruit stand, like this one at our retail center:

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Super-Size Large Mature Blueberry Bushes for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Garden Center

Winter photo – thus no leaves on blueberry plants.

This photo shows some of our SUPER-SIZE LARGE MATURE BLUEBERRY BUSHES that we hand-dug in the winter and currently have ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $30 each. These gorgeous blueberry bushes will be HAND-DUG and as shown above when you pick-up at DiMeo Blueberry Farms. CALL NOW FOR QUOTE: (609) 561-5905. Many of our customers love to landscape with these EXTRA LARGE BLUEBERRY BUSHES for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Did you know that top landscapers from across the country buy premium blueberry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Buy direct from us and save! These are gorgeous blueberry bushes for your property!

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3 Year-Old Elliott Blueberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Garden Center


For years, Elliott has been America’s most-popular late season blueberry variety. Elliott is a late-season variety blueberry plant that is easy to grow, high-yielding, and one of the oldest and most widely grown blueberry varieties. The blueberries are firm, nice medium blue, medium in size and slightly tart flavor. A tall and well-shaped blueberry bush. Suggested # of blueberry plants for family of four is 8-12 plants. NOW ON SALE  by DiMeo Blueberry Farms for only $10.

REMEMBER: If you have another special late season blueberry plant variety you would like to purchase, just ask us! We likely have it within our blueberry plant inventory. Just call DiMeo Blueberry Farms to ask now: (609) 561-5905

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3 Year-Old Bluecrop Blueberry Plants for Sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Garden Center

Mid-season into late season.

Bluecrop blueberries remain America’s most popular mid-season into late season blueberry plant variety. An easy blueberry bush to grow, Bluecrop blueberry plants are known for their extreme blueberry plant hardiness, vigor and consistent high blueberry yields. Bluecrop blueberry plants produce large, firm SWEET blueberries with excellent blueberry flavor. Ripens mid-blueberry season and will take you into late blueberry season. Vibrant red fall blueberry plant color. This blueberry plant variety is especially popular as it produces high blueberry yields of large, bright blueberries that are firm and grow in large clusters. The blueberry flavor is superb, fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries. The blueberry plant grows to a height of 4-6′ feet tall. (once again, of course you can easily trim to your desired height) Suggested # of blueberry plants for family of four is 8-12 plants. NOW ON SALE SALE by DiMeo Blueberry Farms for only $10.

REMEMBER: If you have another special mid season blueberry plant variety you would like to purchase, just ask us! We likely have it within our blueberry plant inventory. Call DiMeo Blueberry Farms to ask: (609) 561-5905 for details.


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