Blueberry Plants Nursery at DiMeo Farms

Lowest Prices for Blueberry Plants for Sale farmer-direct from DiMeo’s Blueberry Plants Nursery that specializes in growing the the best blueberry bushes. We are known as America’s #1 Source for Blueberry Bushes shipped direct to your door for less money. Not to mention, DiMeo Blueberries are so tasty. We appreciate your berry plants business and will do our best to answer all of your blueberry planting questions. More information on our main website:

Best Blueberry Varieties

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DiMeo Farms is America’s #1 Source for Blueberry Plants on Sale Now

The perfect retirement income idea
This happy couple drove hours just to buy blueberry plants from one of our blueberry garden centers in New Jersey. They want to start growing blueberries as a second income for retirement years. What a great retirement income idea - grow blueberries and sell them at your own little roadside farm market stand. Let DiMeo Farms teach you how to get started. Call now: (609) 561-5905
Best blueberry varieties to choose from
How about this grandfather who drove hours just to bring his granddaughters to pick out their own blueberry bushes at our family blueberry farm. He heard about DiMeo Farms from a friend. We get many referrals. Once people drive out here and see our gorgeous blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes and thornless blackberry bushes they know they are at the right place. They had a great time and become another great DiMeo Farms success story. Call (609) 561-5905 to get your berry bushes ordered now.

The word is out all across the country. If you want to buy gorgeous blueberry bushes, then take a ride out to DiMeo’s Blueberry Farm and Blueberry Bushes Garden Center in New Jersey. Just like this grandfather (above) who drove hours just to show his three granddaughters our blueberry bushes. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a mail order blueberry plants quote. WE SHIP OUR BERRY PLANTS ALL ACROSS AMERICA. You can also go to our official website:

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Old Wooden Farm Crates for Sale to Make Crate Shelf Design

At DiMeo Blueberry Farms we love to RECYCLE THE PAST. We have old antique wooden farm boxes and old vintage farm crates for sale. Most of these will need to be picked up at the farm, unless you want to have them direct shipped to your door. Make one of these ultra-cool shelves for your home:

Cool Design Ideas

As a matter of fact, we have lots of antique farm tools for sale and other great rare old farm items in our inventory. E-mail us now at: or CALL US NOW TO ORDER: (609) 561-5905 or just ask questions, or ask for photos of what we have currently in our inventory.

Check-out these cool photos of ANTIQUE BLUEBERRY CRATE SHELF DESIGNS below this video of antique wooden farm crates used as shelves:

As seen in COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE look at this very cool and original ANTIQUE WOODEN BLUEBERRY CRATE SHELF DESIGN made using our DiMeo Blueberry Farms antique wooden blueberry crates. One of our customers in Vermont used just six (6) of our antique wooden blueberry crates to make this beautiful shelf for her home. CALL US: (609) 561-5905 TO ORDER NOW and you can do the same.

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Kids Fight Cancer with Eating Blueberries

Many of us love blueberries but let’s remember the powerful antioxidant, anti-aging and cancer fighting properties that blueberries have. We can learn from 6 year-old Lola who just finished six months of cancer treatments, both of her parents took an early retirement to spend time with her, she wanted to pick blueberries and get her own blueberry plant, she insisted on paying for it with her own allowance money, sometimes it’s the little moments that matter most, it was a pleasure to spend time with her, we won’t forget you Lola, all our love from the DiMeo family at: or call us now: (609) 561-5905 to buy the best blueberry bushes from DiMeo’s blueberry farms in New Jersey

Eat Blueberries Every Day
Remember the Health Benefits of Blueberries

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U.S. Soccer Club Players Love Picking Blueberries at DiMeo Blueberry Farms

One of the many great pleasures of running a blueberry farm is that we get to create wonderful memories, not just for the young, but teenagers as well like this group of US Soccer Club players who drove in from across the country to play a soccer game here in New Jersey. It was pouring rain, but they said they hear great things about our DiMeo blueberries and wanted to pick the best tasting New Jersey blueberries so we let them pick in the rain for for free and gave them the blueberries since they were such great sports, and great blueberry pickers as well, give us a call at: (609) 561-5905 to buy blueberry bushes to start growing your own blueberries at home

Better Tasting Blueberries

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Kids Love DiMeo Blueberries at DiMeo’s Pick Your Own Blueberry Farms in New Jersey

It was an incredible feeling to watch these little kids enjoy picking blueberries. Our DiMeo Farms donated blueberries to these children from the Children’s Academy & Learning Center, we hosted them at our family blueberry farms and let them pick farm fresh blueberries and gave a talk on how to grow blueberries to encourage the kids to “know where there food comes from” and to “know their farmer” and they loved the blueberries, thanks for the opportunity, it was fun

Better Tasting Blueberries at DiMeo's
Kids Love Our DiMeo Blueberries - We Love Hosting Children at DiMeo's Pick Your Own Blueberry Farms

Lots of our customers say “wow, these are the best tasting blueberries that I have ever tasted” when they visit our family family blueberry farms in New Jersey. Give us a call now: (609) 561-5905 to make an appointment, if you are looking to buy blueberry plants just go to our official website:

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DiMeo’s New Pick Your Own Blueberry Farms in New Jersey

We welcome you and your family to take a ride out to pick blueberries at our new DiMeo agritourism farm center and pick your own blueberry farms in New Jersey (Hammonton) to enjoy picking blueberries for only $2.00 per pint. Take a walking tour of our gorgeous operation, and bring your family or friends. Here’s a little “blueberry princess” that dressed all in blue just to pick blueberries at our family farm

PYO Blueberry Farms in New Jer

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DiMeo Farms Reviews – DiMeo Farms Berry Plant Customer Buys BIG Bearing-Size DiMeo Blueberry Plants for Only $10

We had lots of wholesale blueberry plants customers who drove out (or flew out) to DiMeo family blueberry farms to look at our big 3 year-old BIG Bearing-Size bearing blueberry bushes on sale for only $10 bucks each. This happy husband and wife drove hours just to buy blueberry plants direct from our REAL experienced blueberry farmers at DiMeo Blueberry Farms. One of our DiMeo family blueberry farmers gladly spent a couple hours with them and even gave these DiMeo customers free advice and free coaching on how to grow blueberries for their new pick your own blueberry farm that DiMeo Farms is helping them start in their community. ANOTHER SATISFIED DIMEO FARMS CUSTOMER – click on photo below or go to our satisfied DiMeo Blueberry Farms customer photo gallery here

Blueberry Plants for Sale
More satisfied DiMeo Farms customers leave our yard with BIG Bearing-Size blueberry bushes ready to bear big blueberries

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DiMeo Farms Leads Agritourism Farm Industry & Teaches Berry Plant Customers Secrets of Pick Your Own Berry Farm Success

Many of you already know that DiMeo Fruit Farms sells the best blueberry plants and berry plants” to home growers customers from around the world. Many berry gardeners drive here (and fly here) just to buy berry plants direct from our farming family. We often serve wholesale blueberry plants customers who want to start their own pick your own blueberry farms along with incorporating other berries for the perfect pick your own super berry farm that will attract customers. Well just this year, we opened our our DiMeo Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm that focuses on regional agritourism in our farming community. We invite you to visit our new DiMeo agritourism farm so we can teach you how to start your own pick your own blueberry farm and invite the same agritourism in your local community:

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DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Garden Center featured in The Press of Atlantic City

Our DiMeo berry farming family made the front page of The Press of Atlantic City last week. The media called us to ask if they can interview a few members of our DiMeo family on our successful berry plant garden center and new popular agritourism operation at DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Garden Center in “the blueberry captial of the world” Hammonton, New Jersey. Featured in the article were three generations of DiMeo family blueberry farmers all working together to unload a haywagon of old antique wooden berry crates:

DiMeo Fruit Farms featured in The Press of Atlantic City


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